Thursday, July 15, 2010

When is a Door not a Door?

When it is a fine piece of modern craftsmanship that creates a water and air-tight, secure barrier between you and the world. And when it replaces a dilapidated, poorly built, drafty, 50 cent locks from Ace Hardware thing that barely kept out the mice.

Behold, our new cellar door. This is the door at the base of the bulkhead (see below). It may not look like much, but this puppy will pay for itself in one winter given the breeze and sunshine you could feel through the old one.

Unfortunately I did not take a good "before" shot of the old one, so here it is, lying in the dumpster in our front yard. Buh-Bye Old Door!


  1. If that door is energy star rated, you can get a tax credit for the cost of the door. Probably.

  2. why yes you are correct! that is one tax-break-seeking eagle eye you have! ;)