Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buried Treasure

We found these two small glass bottles when excavating under the porch.

Based on some very rough internet research, I would date them around 1900-1920. One of them has the faintest traces of a label on it - Edward something... and a Street address that we can't make out.

It seems it was very common in the early 1900's for home owners to bury their old used glass bottles in their own yard. A neighbor of ours finds old glass on a regular basis.

Have you ever wondered where all your used glass ends up? Wine, beer and ice tea bottles, used once then tossed? Most of it is recycled now, but think of the piles, mountains, of used glass that must be buried under our feet!

When you think about it, old home restoration is sort of like a massive recycling project (this is not a new idea). Of course, like the one wine bottle or cardboard box - its just a drop in the bucket. But maybe one restored home will inspire the neighbor to do the same... and so on...

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