Monday, June 14, 2010

New Skin in Progress

The re-shingling process started today. Looks like they went around the house and tore off anything they could reach without a ladder.

The new shingles arrived.
Maibec Eastern White Cedar Shingles, in Seacoast Gray.

Here you can see evidence of the trench where they buried the conduit for the electrical, cable and phone wires. This will eliminate the festoon of wires and boxes that currently clutter the front right corner of the house. We don't think the builders have any intention of re-seeding this trench, so until we do something we might have a mud problem on our hands.

It seems like slow going, but I think just removing the jagged rotten shingles is an improvement. At least the Typar is smooth and clean.

Speaking of Typar - Whatever happened to Tyvek? I wondered that too... I don't see much Tyvek anymore. Apparently they are competing products. Typar is more breathable.* Guess that's a good thing, although, we're not so worried about our house becoming too airtight anytime soon.

*If you ask Dupont, Tyvek is better. We figure that our house has been without either for 110 years, we're just happy to have any house to wrap at this point!

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